We at CBeauty believe in quality and simple skincare.


We believe that Less is More. We believe in Quality over Quantity. And it shows in the number of ingredients we place in each CBeauty product — each one composed only of its core, key ingredients.

We believe in the mositurizing and nourishing power of our key ingredient: the Coconut Oil — the most premium of plant-based oils — and its outstanding beneficial properties to the skin.




Cocos Nucifera, Coconut Oil, has been known throughout history for its magical healing properties. Extracted from coconut fruits borne by tropical isles, the miracle concoction is widely used for  detoxification and skincare.

From the finest harvest of coconuts picked from the shores of the Philippines, Cocos Nucifera derivedin the most natural possible method finds its way into the latest premium Coconut Oil Skincare Line from the country: CBeauty.



It was a serendipitous beginning in early 2013 when Filipina-Canadian Image and Beauty Expert Cristina Madara chanced upon a special texture of cold-pressed Virgin Coconut Oil during her visit to the islands. The essence was pure, the consistency was light and perfect, and it was extracted without a trace of chemicals. With her expertise, Cristina recognized that she discovered a skincare gem.

When gently blended with various natural oils and essences, the resulting coconut oil-based concoctions were likewise in their best form — simple and pure — to provide utmost care for the skin.

The response to the very first Universal Oils that were put out was instantaneous and enthusiastic. Greatly inspired by the reciprocated love for the carefully crafted essences, by the end of that same year, CBeauty was born.

And to this day, that same beautiful, serendipitous coconut oil essence is at the core of every bottle of CBeauty.



CBeauty is passionate about nature and the natural skincare, which inspires our products. At the heart of our simple and quality skincare philosophy are the ingredients which nature provides.

All elements of our products from our key ingredient to our packaging, have been chosen thoughtfully to maintain the integrity of its organic nature and minimize our ecological footprint.

We believe in giving back to the community and work very closely with our Coconut Oil suppliers in the Philippines in educating farmers, establishing environmental practices and providing livelihood projects to help empower the community.



Each product is a beautiful journey from nature to bottle and we make sure that in every step of the way — from harvest to the vanity — each bottle of CBeauty oil upholds this integrity. Each CBeauty package, a gift.