Universal Body Oil No. 3 120mL Moisturize + Relax


Unwind to the aromatic blend of virgin coconut oil and lavender. Universal Body oil no. 3 is a relaxing, fragrant essence that soothes and relieves sore muscles, moisturizes skin, and gives hair & cuticles a natural glow.

Extracted from nature, this lightweight and easily absorbed formula is
suitable for daily use and application even under make up.

Ingredients: Cocos Nucifera, Lavender Oil

How to Use
Best applied to moist or damp skin after bathing.
Apply to hair as a leave-in conditioner or post styling to repair
split ends and add shine.
Use liberally on cuticles, elbows and other dry areas of the skin.

Keep away from eye area. Store at room temperature.

Coconut oil liquefies or solidifies in response to temperature. Being free of chemical additives slight solidifying may occur at colder temperatures (below 70°F or 21°C). When this happens, simply heat product with warm water or expose to warmer temperature.

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